Upcoming virtual screening:

Click here to purchase tickets for the May 2nd virtual benefit screening!

We’re hosting a special screening of the documentary film, Las Chuntá, to raise funds for the family of Esther Noriega Molina, leader of a group of Chuntá, who passed away in April 2021.
About the film: In a small town in Mexico, once a year, men transform into women and become the Chuntá. Follow two gender-bending gangs of dancers as they face off in a struggle between queer identity and powerful traditions.
The Chunta is a feature-length documentary film directed by Genevieve Roudané, that centers the experiences of gay and trans Chuntá dancers as they navigate tradition, discrimination, and a search for belonging.
100% of your ticket purchase goes to Esther’s family.


Tickets are $10 and sold through Eventbrite.
To make an additional donation, select an add-on at checkout.


The film is 60 minutes long.  Spanish with English subtitles.

Once purchased, you will receive a unique password to watch the film online once.
This password will only be valid on 5/02/21 from 10am-10pm Central time.
Refunds are not available.

Sneak peek: scenes from The Chunta

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