Meet the crew


Left to right: Fabián Chairez, Isauro Vidal, Genevieve Roudané, José Domingo Flores, y José Eliezer Esponda Cáceres.

Genevieve Roudané

Director, editor

Genevieve Roudané is a queer filmmaker who has worked as director, cinematographer, editor, educator, and organizer on diverse productions across the Americas over the past decade. She is the director of the documentary film The Chunta, the story of a queer gang of gender-bending dancers fighting to exist in southern Mexico. Roudané’s work focuses on the intersection of art and activism, and she has been a part of grassroots media organizing projects in Mexico and Central America. Roudané is a member of Film Fatales, Women in Film, Couch Film Collective, the Mexican Documentary Filmmakers Network, and the Women Behind the Camera cooperative; co-founder of Proyecto Medusa and the Ocote Film Festival; and founding member of Cine Catrina productions.

Find her on, Film Freeway, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Film Fatales, and IMDb.

El Fuego y La Flor_CoProducer_Cecilia Monroy Cuevas

Associate producer and additional cinematographer, Cecilia Monroy Cuevas

Cecilia Monroy Cuevas

Associate producer, additional cinematography

Cecilia Monroy Cuevas is a Mexican cinematographer, photographer, and visual anthropologist. Her photography has won numerous awards and been published in international books and magazines. Monroy has worked on over 10 films, including as director of photography on La pequeña semilla en el asfalto, which won, among other prizes, best indigenous documentary in Voces Contra El Silencio in 2012. She is co-founder of Proyecto Medusa, a member of the Mexican Documentary Filmmakers Network; and has taught film workshops through Festival Ambulante (Ambulante Más Allá) and the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC con patas).

Her work can be seen at


Catalina Ausin filming on the set of Entropy. Photo credit: Mary Brown

Catalina Ausin

Associate producer, additional cinematography

Catalina Ausin is a Mexican-American cinematographer passionate about diving deep into social and cultural themed-films and telling heartfelt stories through the power of film. She has shot an array of narrative films, music videos, documentaries, commercials and experimental art films. Her work has screened at South by Southwest, Festival International du Film PanAfricain in Cannes, LA Film Festival: Project Involve, Frameline Film Festival, Outfest Film Festival and Atlanta Film Festival among other festivals. She has collaborated on productions for Lionsgate, Paramount, IFC First Take, Weinstein Company, National Geographic, Disney, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel, Brave New Films, Film Independent, and Universal.

As a cinematographer, she chooses to collaborate on projects that provide a social, cultural and/or spiritual awakening of consciousness. Catalina is grateful to have had the opportunity to be an additional cinematographer for The Chunta. Her new upcoming feature film as a cinematographer is the independent film Entropy.

Watch her reel, and check out the incredible list of projects she’s worked on.